NASTY: Michael Moore Says 'F**k Hope'

Film director Michael Moore spends a lot of time going off the deep end. But he's hit new depths this time.

In an interview with HuffPost, Moore answered 10 questions in writing. And he said some more deep end stuff.

"Donald Trump is an evil genius. He has no intention of leaving the White House. Whenever he hears that another country has a president for life, he perks up and thinks, 'I like the sound of that!' And he has an obedient political party that holds every seat of power backing him up," Moore said.

And this:

The majority of Americans agree with me on the issues. I’m part of the majority. Our choir is much bigger than Trump’s choir or Fox News’ choir.

Unfortunately, our choir is out of tune, and it’s hard to hear our voices through all the sobbing and despair. That all ends on Sept. 21. The choir needs a song to sing. Once we come together in beautiful harmony, the Trump crime family will be prosecuted, law and order will be restored, we’ll have Medicare for All and we’ll declare that “Game of Thrones” must remain on the air for at least three more seasons.

And he has a nice take on "hope":

"F**k hope. Seriously, f**k hope. F**k despair, too. But f**k hope."

Such a cheery guy!


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