Professor Allegedly Assaults YouTuber Who Slammed Social Justice Gaming

A professor who threatened to “fight” people who criticized social justice activists allegedly put a well-known YouTuber who had slammed identity politics in gaming in a headlock and repeatedly punched him last Thursday.

As Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform reports, multiple witnesses attest that after GenCon, an annual gaming conference held in Indianapolis, Professor Matthew Fantastic Loter, who was scheduled to teach “Introduction to Game Design” at Quinnipiac University in Fall 2018, grabbed YouTuber Jeremy Hambly from behind at the Tin Roof bar in Indianapolis, put Hambly in a headlock, repeatedly punched him, and yelled “I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

Witnesses said that when Hambly escaped from the headlock, another customer barred Loter from pursuing him, prompting Loter to punch and break a glass window of the bar.

The backstory to the alleged incident goes like this:

Hambly had made a YouTube video slamming GenCon for hosting social justice activist Anita Sarkeesian. He stated, “Why would you bring the most toxic, the most divisive person in gaming, to the world's biggest gaming convention?"

Roughly a week later, Hambly saw this tweet by Loter:

Loter later deleted his twitter handle, but Hambly, concerned about his safety, had archived the tweet before he attended GenCon.

Hambly recalled to Campus Reform, “At about 2:00 a.m., someone came up behind me and put their arm around my neck, and said, ‘Hey, are you Jeremy Hambly?’ At that moment, I sincerely thought it was a fan from YouTube. And then I turned my head and Loter started screaming and punching me, yelling ‘I'm going to f***ing kill you.’ It took four people to pry him off… then he punched a window and ran off.”

Hambly, who wound up with a black eye, cuts and severe bruising, gave a statement to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on August 2. He said a detective was assigned to the case, which Campus Reform confirmed.


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