Democratic Senator Says He Will Support Giving Funding For Trump's Wall

“I’m fine with providing him some more."

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) is affirming his support for President Trump’s proposed border wall on the southern border.

According to Politico, Donnelly went so far as to claim he is willing to give more than the $1.6 billion the Senate Appropriations Committee has been planning to allocate.

“I’m fine with providing him some more," he said.

Donnelly, a moderate who is considered vulnerable in the upcoming November midterms, does not want a government shutdown “under any circumstances” and would “absolutely” provide the president with funding.

Donnelly claims he supports Trump’s immigration bill and has voted in favor of the wall three times and is “fine” giving the president $3 to $5 billion this fall.

Donnelly’s reaffirmation of his support for the president’s immigration policies comes after his Republican opponent Mike Braun ran campaign ads criticizing his immigration stance.

“And after pledging to oppose amnesty and secure our borders, Senator Joe Donnelly instead voted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants,” the ad says. “Donnelly has waffled on supporting Trump’s border wall.”

Braun believes that Donnelly is falsely claiming his support for the border wall to gain support for his candidacy, claiming “My gut would tell me he wasn’t saying that nine, 10 months ago.”


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