Politico Laments ‘Year Of The Woman’ Not Going As Planned

Every election year, left-leaning media outlets attempt to bolster women thinking they will be the GOP’s undoing. It worked in 2012, so they’ve copied and pasted the formula every two years since. You can probably guess how that worked out for them.

This year is no different. Left-leaning outlets cheered on the “Year of the Woman” because a record number of women were running for office in state and federal elections. Back in March, Politico launched “The Women Rule Candidate Tracker,” eager to see the favored sex win across the country.

“At least 494 women, both Republicans and Democrats, have said they’re running for Congress this year, according to the Center for American Women and Politics,” Politico wrote. “That’s up from 312 women who filed to run for House or Senate in 2016. And after the Texas primary results, 470 potential female candidates are still vying for House and Senate seats.”

Unfortunately for Politico and anyone else hoping to have a repeat of 1992, when women entered Congress in record numbers, 2018’s “Year of the Woman” isn’t going so hot.

“Despite record-shattering numbers of women waging campaigns at the House, Senate and statewide executive levels, women will still lag far behind men in the proportion of those elected offices they occupy – no matter what happens in November,” Politico reported on Wednesday. “Currently, women make up nearly 20 percent of the House, while 23 of the 100 senators are women. Those figures may well see an uptick after the election, but the increase will be nominal.”

Perhaps it’s because the female media darling of the year is socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Or maybe it’s because people care more about a candidate's policies than what’s between their legs. Or maybe people realize that achieving gender parity is only the first step of the Left’s agenda. Should that be achieved, they will start demanding racial, mental, and physical parity (but obviously not viewpoint parity).

They envy countries that have quotas, so don’t be surprised if they soon start pushing for that.


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