Allie Stuckey: Make Men Masculine Again

"Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men."

Allie Stuckey, the "Conservative Millennial," takes a break from hosting her hit podcast "Relatable" to confront the Left over their destructive war on masculinity. In the new PragerU video "Make Men Masculine Again," the CRTV host explains why "demonizing masculinity is not the solution, but the problem."

"Rape, murder, war — they all have one thing in common: Men. Aggression, violence, ambition unchecked by conscience — all the stuff of 'toxic masculinity,' right?" she asks. "And, the solution is obvious: make men less toxic. Make men less masculine. Make men more like women. But I’m here to tell you that this way of thinking is not only wrong, it’s dangerous."

"Here’s why: When you try to make men more like women, you don’t get less 'toxic masculinity,' you get more," she says. "Because bad men don’t become good when they stop being men; they become good when they stop being bad. Aggression, violence, and unbridled ambition can’t be eliminated from the male psyche; they can only be harnessed. And when they are harnessed, they are tools for good, not for harm."

Stuckey continues: "The same masculine traits that bring destruction also defeat tyranny. The traits that foster greed also build economies. The traits that drive men to take foolish risks also drive men to take heroic risks. The answer to toxic masculinity isn’t less masculinity; it’s better masculinity. And we know what that looks like. It’s a young man opening the door for a girl on their first date. It’s a father working long hours to provide for his family. It’s a soldier risking his life to defend his country."

She emphasizes, "The growing problem in today’s society isn’t that men are too masculine; it’s that they’re not masculine enough."

You can watch the whole video below:


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