Planned Parenthood Claims Forcing Taxpayers To Pay For Abortion Is 'Economic Justice'

Cutting off funds to Planned Parenthood, they say, is "state violence."

In a Twitter post made over the weekend, the always-subtle Planned Parenthood claimed that a proposed Trump Administration "gag rule" that would prohibit taxpayer funds from directly financing abortion services is "state violence," and that forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for abortion is just plain "economic justice."

The post, made Saturday, referenced a story on the virulently pro-abortion website, Rewire.net, and proclaimed, “Abortion is an economic justice issue, as @sikivuhutch puts its, ‘a vital pathway that affords women access to jobs, housing, education, and wealth equity when they’re in control of their bodies and destinies.’ #NoGagRule,”

Apparently, it's "economically just" to provide women the option of killing their child, because children are burdensome. Without abortion, women are rendered absolutely incapable of achieving, well, anything.

The manifesto is part of a new push form Planned Parenthood, connecting abortion rights to the "intersectional" panoply of leftist causes, including income inequality, and by extension, democratic socialism.

It's also a response to a proposed Trump Administration "gag rule" that would strip Planned Parenthood of Title X funding for reproductive services unless PPUSA physically and financially separated its family planning services from its abortion services — something PPUSA refers to as "state violence."

Title X provides funding specifically for "birth control" services — a definition that Planned Parenthood has long since expanded to include abortion. The "gag rule" currently under consideration wouldn't totally strip Planned Parenthood of its funding (it receives more than $500 million per year from the federal government alone), but it would force Planned Parenthood to be more careful about how it structures its clinics and medical services operation, and it would prevent any clinic that receives Title X funding from actively referring for abortion.


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