Evil Media Rip Carson, Say Jews Didn't Need Guns During The Holocaust

It’s difficult to think of a more evil argument than the idea that because Jews living under Nazi rule wouldn’t have survived the Holocaust even had they been armed, they didn’t need guns. But that’s just the argument members of the media now make as they move toward the political caning of Dr. Ben Carson.

Carson, who has been targeted by the media of late on issues ranging from abortion to mass shootings, is now under fire for suggesting that Jews could have used guns during the Holocaust. In his book, A Perfect Union, Carson wrote, “through a combination of removing guns and disseminating propaganda, the Nazis were able to carry out their evil intentions with relatively little resistance.” Asked about that comment on CNN, Carson doubled down, stating, “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. I’m telling you there is a reason these dictatorial people take guns first.”

Defending your own life is a basic human right, even if you die in the attempt. Jews are human beings, even if the media would hope to treat them as less than that.

Naturally, this drove the media bonkers, with Good Morning America calling the comments “bizarre” and Politico targeting Carson for “linking Hitler to gun control.” In truth, Hitler did that part all by himself by removing guns from Jews and then killing six million Jews.

So what’s the media’s big critique? Jews didn’t need guns, because they were slated for death anyway. The Huffington Post’s Nick Baumann posted pictures of armed Jews murdered in the Holocaust, writing “There was some armed Jewish resistance to the power of the Nazi war machine. But it often ended in death for the Jews involved.” The same was true, of course, for some seven million armed Soviet soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Americans. But Baumann would never suggest that such people didn’t need their guns.

But the Jews should have turned over their guns, shut up, and died quietly.

Armed resistance did work for Jews in the Holocaust: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising delayed German deportations by a month, and revolts in death camps did redirect resources from the Nazi regime, and even led to the Nazis razing a death camp in Sobibor. But more importantly, Jews should have had guns because resisting tyranny and evil is morally good. As Warsaw Ghetto fighter Emmanuel Ringelblum wrote:

Husbands tore out their hair because they had let the Germans, unharmed, take away those dearest to them, their wives and children; children loudly reproached themselves for allowing their parents to be taken away. Oaths were sworn aloud: Never shall the Germans move from here with impunity; we will die, but the cruel invaders will pay with their blood for ours.

Defending your own life is a basic human right, even if you die in the attempt. Jews are human beings, even if the media would hope to treat them as less than that.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that the media and the left decry Ben Carson’s comments; after all, they oppose Jewish self-defense in the face of genocide today against Jew-murdering Iranians and Palestinians, just as they say that Jews didn’t need guns to fight Nazis.

Jews who actually care about Jewish survival rather than leftist tripe – not you, Abe Foxman -- know better than to trust promises that Jews will be safe if only they surrender their weapons. In May 1981, just weeks before bombing Iraq’s nuclear reactor in Osirak, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was asked about the lessons of the Holocaust. He answered:

[A] Jew must learn to defend himself. He must forever be prepared for whenever threat looms….Jewish dignity and honor must be protected in all circumstances. The seeds of Jewish destruction lie in passively enabling the enemy to humiliate us….stand united in face of the enemy. We Jews love life, for life is holy. But there are things in life more precious than life itself. There are times when one must risk life for the sake of rescuing the lives of others. And when the few risk their own lives for the sake of the many, then they, too, stand the chance of saving themselves.

Yes, Jews with guns would have mattered, because more good, law-abiding people with guns always matter. Good for Ben Carson for pointing that fact out, even in the face of an evil and cruel media.


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