Both 'Dukes Of Hazzard' Brothers In Legal Trouble For Very Different Reasons

Some recent reports include troubling news about two former stars of an old but still widely beloved show, "The Dukes of Hazzard." The two actors who played the original "Duke boys" have both been on the wrong end of legal issues, one for drug charges and inappropriately touching two actresses, and the other for failing to pail alimony.

Tom Wopat, who played Luke Duke in the '80s series, has been sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty Friday to two counts of "annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex," Fox News reports.

The 66-year-old actor was charged last August for inappropriately touching two female cast members of a production of "42nd Street" at Reagle Music Theatre in Waltham, Massachusetts. On Friday, Wopat admitted to touching the actresses while rehearsing for the show.

But the inappropriate touching wasn't the only charges Wopat faced. When he was arrested, law enforcement found drugs on his possession, for which he admitted authorities had sufficient evidence and received one year probation.

Just weeks before Wopat pleaded guilty, John Schneider, 58, who played Luke's brother Bo in the series, served five hours of a three-day sentence for failing to pay more than $150,000 in alimony to his ex-wife Elvira "Elly" Schneider. After the two separated in 2014, Elly was awarded a reported $18,911 in monthly support from the actor.

In a letter to the judge, Schneider said he would not be able to fulfill a four-part list of conditions the court had issued, "including filing back taxes to help clear title to their property in Apple Valley so that it could be transferred to her, paying his ex half of his owed earnings from Maven Entertainment, and offering certain financial disclosures before the end of the year," Yahoo Entertainment reports.

With "regret and embarrassment," Schneider said in the July 6 letter to the court, he would be unable to comply with the conditions because he was "leveraged to the max" with loans. "He went on to reveal that Maven, an independent entity, had already made several financial advances on his behalf and his earnings have thus been diminished by his indebtedness to it," Yahoo reports.

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