Mark Levin: ‘Progressivism Is A Form Of Tyranny'

Fox News and CRTV host Mark Levin analyzed the recent controversy surrounding actor Mark Duplass, who, if you recall, tweeted out a message praising Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, before deleting and apologizing. The left viciously attacked the Hollywood insider for daring to suggest a conservative was reasonable.

Levin expressed shock at conservatives' surprised reaction to the incident, insisting that “progressivism is a form of tyranny.”

“What is all the hubbub about?” he asked on his Thursday radio program. “I mean, we conservatives, we understand this, don’t we? We understand the totalitarian mindset of the Left.”

Levin continued, “Why is this specific instance so shocking, when it goes on every day and has gone on every day for years, in fact for decades? To not understand this is not to understand progressivism and the totalitarian mindset.”

Levin also broke down how the Left uses these incidents to attack individualism and free thought.

“They embrace this statism, this utopianism, and so the individual has to be beaten to a pulp,” he said. “Anybody with an independent thought or contrary thought has to be smeared.”

“I’m kind of shocked that people are surprised by this. Fundamentally, they do not understand progressivism. Progressivism is a form of tyranny, I talk about it all the time, with a totalitarian mindset,” he added.

He also talked about how attacking an individual is commonplace for progressives.

“Of course they’re attacking you,” Levin said. “They’ve attacked me and they attack anybody else who dares to stand up and speak to liberty . . . true liberty.”

Mark Levin was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame earlier this year in the category of "Spoken Word On-Air Personality.”

H/T Conservative Review


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