HUH? Plus-Size Activist Strips To Bikini And Poses In Times Square, Loses It When She's Objectified

If a feminist is satisfied, is she really a feminist?

In one of the more bizarre social experiments we've seen from the intersectional feminist Left, activist and author Anna O'Brien decided to strip down to a bikini and pose in the middle of busy Times Square to prove . . . that people would not find her sexy but make cruel fat jokes?

Well, the purpose of the stunt isn't entirely clear, but, shockingly, O'Brien was fiery mad when people on the street sexually objectified her. Again, she was posing in almost nothing save a pair of heels in one of the busiest cities on the planet.

"Yesterday I did the scariest thing I have done in my 30+ years. ... I stood in times square in a bikini and posed for a photo shoot," wrote O'Brien in an Instagram post. "In the beginning I felt really overwhelmed. Not because I was mocked, but because I was so extremely sexualized by a few men who were watching."

In a piece she penned for feminist magazine Cosmopolitan, O'Brien claimed men on the street yelled, "I want to suck on them tasty toes," "Hey baby, let me butter them biscuits for you," and "Twerk for the camera baby, show them how that a** clap."

In her Instagram post, O'Brien said "the things that were said were so graphic it made me sick to my stomach. One man said he felt justified in saying what he did- because 'plus women don’t know they’re ****able.'"

The activist explained in Cosmo that she was "prepared to be pointed at, shamed, and called fat. I didn't expect to be fetishized."

"Let me be very clear here: a plus size woman’s worth, or any one woman’s worth for that matter, is not contingent on someone wanting to have sex with them. You don’t exist to pleasure someone else... you exist to change the world," she declared.

Of course, it's true that a woman's worth is not based in her ability or inability to sexually satisfy men, but wouldn't that mean a little more coming from someone who didn't just, I don't know, turn themselves into a sex object?


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