Walls Close In On Sen. Bob Menendez, Could Be Unseated By GOP Challenger

"We have seen a significant shift towards our campaign"

New Jersey's Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez, who walked away from a corruption indictment on a mistrial, may not be re-elected. According to a recent poll, the senator's chances at keeping his seat in the upcoming mid-term have disintegrated.

As a two-term senator and former congressman, Menendez had put himself on track to become a major D.C. insider — that was, until he was tried on 18 counts of corruption last year.

The DW's Hank Berrien reported further details:

Menendez took gifts from Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor, such as a luxury hotel stay, private jet flights, and campaign donations. They charged that Menendez, in turn, attempted to help Melgen get U.S. visas for his girlfriends, including Brazilian actress and porn pinup star Juliana Lopes Leite, aided him in his $8.9 million billing feud with Medicare, and helped Melgen with a port security contract in the Dominican Republic. Last spring, Melgen was convicted on 67 counts of massive Medicare fraud totaling $90 million.​

Despite a mistrial in the case after a jury failed to reach a unanimous conclusion, Karmic justice may still be in the works. As of now, a recent poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University shows that Menendez's GOP challenger, former Marine Bob Hugin, stands within two percentage points of victory (within the poll's margin of error).

Back in April, a Monmouth University poll gave Menendez a 21-point lead. He has only dropped since then.

"It’s no surprise that the more New Jerseyans learn about corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez the less they trust him and the more they want him out of office. We have seen a significant shift towards our campaign and only expect those numbers to grow," Hugin communications director Megan Piwowar said in a statement.​


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