Shaun King And BLM Co-Creator Rip Warriors Star Draymond Green's Trip To Israel

After Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green visited Israel and visited with members of the Israel Defense Force, a cadre of leftists got apoplectic.

Green’s trip was organized by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces; Green presented Israeli president Reuven Rivlin with a Warriors jersey. Green also visited with a counterterrorism unit and played hoops with them; he also posed as though he were a sniper while holding a rifle.

That did it; sportswriter Dave Zirin of The Nation wrote, “This, just like a White House visit would have been, was a propaganda visit, immediately tweeted out by Micky Rosenfeld, the Israeli Police Foreign Press Spokesman. It is, frankly, shocking to see Draymond Green smiling and shooting guns in their company. These counterterrorism border police units are part of a military that shot and killed more than 60 Palestinians who were protesting at the border in May, less than two months ago.”

Zirin didn't mention the fact that the huge percentage of Palestinians who were killed were members of Hamas, which is devoted to the destruction of Israel. As The Washington Free Beacon noted, Zirin also falsely linked the Gaza protest to the United States' decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Zirin was joined by writer Shaun King, with his usual fabrications:

Black Lives Matter co-creator Alicia Garza chimed in:

Perhaps, just perhaps, Green felt comfortable among the people of a nation who do things like this:

Here's video of Green:


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