NFL Star Orchestrated Brutal Attack, Robbery On Estranged Girlfriend, Lawyer Says

The estranged live-in girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy was robbed and brutally beaten at the NFL star's Georgia mansion. On Tuesday, the victim's lawyer alleged that the attack was orchestrated by McCoy, who has reportedly been trying to evict Delicia Cordon since last July.

Georgia police are still investigating the incident and suspect that it was a targeted attack. "The preliminary investigation indicates that this residence was specifically targeted by the suspect or suspects," says a statement from Milton Police Capt. Charles Barstow, reports The New York Daily News.

Attorney Tanya Mitchell says Cordon was attacked by an unidentified assailant at 3 a.m. in the Georgia home while she was sleeping. The attacker took "specific pieces of jewelry" from the victim that were given to her by McCoy.

Photos of Cordon's brutally beaten face — she was allegedly pistol whipped during the attack — surfaced on social media by a friend of hers, Mia Boykin, who went after McCoy.

"I can’t believe you did this to my best friend! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL" Boykin wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, captioning side-by-side photos of Cordon before and after the attack. She also accused McCoy of physically abusing his son for wetting the bed, taking "illegal steroids," and beating his dog "into kidney failure."

Though Boykin later deleted the post, she has since made it clear that she's standing by her claims and only deleted the original post at the behest of Cordon's lawyer.

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McCoy posted to social media of his own to counter the accusations, calling them "totally baseless." He also reportedly retained prominent Atlanta defense attorney Don Samuel.

Since the news broke, former NFL stars have weighed in on the matter. Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, for example, believes McCoy is innocent:

Former Buffalo Bill Richie Incognito also publicly sided with McCoy. "I support and stand by my boy, Shady," he wrote via Twitter. "I know the full story and he didn’t do it. People can be quick to make false assumptions without knowing the full story."

A hearing regarding that matter was originally set for Tuesday, but has been rescheduled for August 14.


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