Rush Limbaugh: Kavanaugh Is An ‘Impeccable' Pick

"On paper he’s impeccable"

Amidst the controversy over President Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, with some conservatives fearing he may not be the strong man they hoped for, Rush Limbaugh has hailed him as an "impeccable" pick.

Speaking on his show Tuesday, Limbaugh said that the Left is justifiably afraid of Kavanaugh and will employ whatever tactic in their dirty bag of tricks to block him and divide conservatives.

"On paper he’s impeccable. On paper there is no just way to disqualify Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice," said Limbaugh, noting that the Left wanted to oust him before they even knew his name.

"Some of the Left’s objections to Kavanaugh today, they’re really weird. I mean, they’re strange; they’re laughable," Limbaugh continued. "You have to realize that there is a certain percentage of Americans buying into all of this and eating it all up. And the more extreme the Democrats go, you would think on the surface they’d be killing their own goose."

Limbaugh said that the Left will go as far to worry Trump supporters by whispering that Kavanaugh is an establishment pick and that Trump betrayed his base.

"I think the Left is already trying to worry you Trump supporters by calling Kavanaugh, 'man, this guy's a swamp candidate, this guy is a perfect establishment candidate, look at who all likes him,'" Limbaugh said. "They’re trying to drive a wedge between you Trump supporters and this pick by trying to convince that you Trump has sold you out by picking a swamp dweller. I think that’s where they’re gonna go."

In terms of what key issues the Left will focus on in their race to block Kavanaugh, Limbaugh thinks they won't actually stick to hot-button issues like abortion, but more watered-down expressions of it such as "women's health care."

"They’re gonna go at Obamacare and health care and basically say that this guy wants to deny you access to affordable health care and — hint, hint — including abortion," said Limbaugh. "I don’t think they’re gonna make it the top tier thing. I think health care overall is where they’re gonna go."


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