Dershowitz: People Hate Me More For Defending Trump Than Defending O.J.

"This is much worse than all that."

Alan Dershowitz has taken a barrage of hate recently, not because he once defended the guilty-as-sin O.J. Simpson, but because he now defends President Trump.

Speaking with WRAL, the famed Harvard Law professor said that never in his life — one notably wracked with controversy — has he experienced hate like that he's experienced since President Trump took office.

Dershowitz is, in no way, a Trump supporter or even a conservative, but he does recognize the excesses of the Left, especially in their treatment of a constitutionally-elected president. Dershowitz understands, however, that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark," and he's been vocal about Trump critics' legal overreach, from Mueller's never-ending investigation to a potentially unconstitutional FBI raid, tearing apart a Trump lawyer's office.

For that, the Left has mercilessly targeted him.

"You’re no stranger to defending people who are unpopular. Is this actually worse than when you defended O.J. Simpson?" WRAL asked Dershowitz.

"Of course. Or Claus von Bulow or Leona Helmsley or Michael Milken or Mike Tyson," he responded. "This is much worse than all that."

Dershowitz went on to explain that the Left's criticism is worse because they will not engage in dialogue or debate, they will only issue totalitarian "my way or the highway" edicts.

"In those cases people were critical of me, but they were prepared to discuss it," he said. "They were prepared to have a dialogue. Here, the people that I’m objecting to want to stop the dialogue. They don’t want to have the conversation. It will upset people at the dinner party or on the porch. This is like safe spaces in colleges."

Dershowitz clarifies that he is no way a Trump supporter, only a supporter of civil liberties, a cause which he will go to the mat for, even if it means defending a Communist's right to organize — as he did in the 1950's — or an "unpopular" president's right to due process.

Today the passions are so strong that if I do anything that is perceived as helping Donald Trump, I am an evil conspirator. I go back to the 1950s, when I was one of the few people at Brooklyn College standing up and defending the right of communists to speak and to teach. I hated communism. They would say, "You can’t defend communists." They wouldn’t defend your rights. They would take away your civil liberties.

I’m a Hillary Clinton liberal Democrat who’s trying hard to restore Congress to the Democrats, who will help finance Democratic candidates all over the country. I’m a liberal Democrat. I haven’t changed one iota in 50 years. I am not a Trump supporter. I’m a supporter of civil liberties. Calling me a Trump supporter is like calling me a communist supporter in the 1950s. I was not a communist supporter. I defended the communists’ right to speak and to teach.

Dershowitz may not be a Trump supporter, but he certainly talks like one on occasion. Just last week as the SCOTUS replacement hung in the balance, the Harvard law professor said that Trump could unite the nation if he nominates a "true conservative" to the Supreme Court.


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