Sarah Silverman: Support For Police Is Embracing Socialism

"Forgive me but you are daft"

Sarah Silverman has a bizarre understanding of socialism, which taxes people an arm and a leg to redistribute wealth for social programs. In her definition, socialism also includes basic, fundamental public goods like the police and fire departments.

Silverman made her declaration in response to a comment from former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on "Fox & Friends" that "socialism is a disaster."

"Socialism is a disaster. The only people who support Socialism are people who don’t know what it is or people who want to win elections," Bongino said on Monday.

This comment prompted Silverman to call Bongino "daft" from her Twitter account, and argue that socialism includes such important government entities like the police, even though providing police, military, and fire departments are the most basic responsibilities of any state: the protection of citizens.

"Forgive me but you are daft," Silverman said. "Socialist democrats are for socialized programs within our democracy. Like, education &health care available 4all, making sure [email protected] have the same opportunities.. u don’t like socialized programs? Do you like the police dept? The fire department?"

Since socialism is defined as " government ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods," it is indeed difficult to determine just exactly how Silverman came to that conclusion.


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