German Intelligence: Iran Changing Conventional Military Weapons Into Weapons Of Mass Destruction

According to a Bavarian intelligence agency in Germany that is the equivalent of the American CIA, the Iranian government is metamorphosing its conventional military weapons into a system for weapons of mass destruction.

The 312-page intelligence report released in April states, “Iran, North Korea, Syria and Pakistan are making efforts to expand their conventional weapons arsenal through the production of weapons of mass destruction.” As The Jerusalem Post reports, “The Bavarian report defined proliferation and weapons of mass destruction activities ‘as the illegal propagation of atomic, biological and chemical weapons and the production of their applicable products.’”

According to the report, Iran has been searching among German industries for construction parts; in 2017 German intelligence agencies delineated the Iranian government’s attempts to obtain illegal material and technology from German companies.

The Jerusalem Post has noted:

Iran’s Quds Force – a special brigade of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards that covers extraterritorial operations – was active in North Rhine-Westphalia and throughout Germany, wrote the intelligence officials. The report said a key mission of the Quds Force is to “spy on Israeli and pro-Israel institutions, Israeli nationals living in Germany, and people of the Jewish faith.”

The North Rhine-Westphalia report confirms similar data released by additional state intelligence agencies reviewed by the Post in May and June. German state intelligence agencies in Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria and Lower Saxony published damning information about Iran’s illicit procurement networks in Germany.


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