Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made Enemies At Work Over Greedy Behavior, Ex-Coworker Says

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently made enemies while working at a bar in New York as a former co-worker claims that she was greedy and, in at least one instance, allegedly kept most of the tips for herself.

The New York Post's Page Six reports that while many of the people who used to work with Ocasio-Cortez at Flats Fix liked her, at least one employee had negative things to say about her character.

One waitress at the street taco and tequila bar told Page Six that during a busy Cinco de Mayo celebration in 2017, Ocasio-Cortez allegedly did something shady when splitting up the tips. Page Six reports:

At the end of the night, when it came time to split the $560 in tips she had gotten at the bar, Ocasio-Cortez gave the waitress only $50. After the waitress complained to her manager, her take was doubled to $100, a source said.

"It says so much about her character," the waitress told Page Six. "From that point on, I wouldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t look at her."

When contacted by Page Six about the allegations, Ocasio-Cortez did not respond.

Ocasio-Cortez, who is running for Congress as a Democrat in New York's 14th District, is being propped up by the media as the future of the Democratic Party as the party continues to move further and further left.

During television interviews, Ocasio-Cortez has continued to repeat: "I believe that in a modern, moral and wealthy society, no person in America should be too poor to live. That’s what I feel."

Ocasio-Cortez has largely been unable to define the difference between socialism and Democratic socialism.


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