Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Doesn’t Want SCOTUS To ‘Criminalize Women’

On Thursday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) claimed while at a #DitchTheList rally that a new Supreme Court justice appointed by President Trump could lead to women being arrested for "making decisions about their bodies."

This is a battle line that has been drawn that literally will put women's lives at risk, that undermines our civil rights, our human rights. This is a line that's been drawn about whether we are going to criminalize women, whether we are going to be arresting women for making decisions about their bodies. This is not a fire drill; this is not a hypothetical case. Please understand this is already happening in states ... women have been arrested, mothers have been arrested when they’re trying to get the health care that their daughters might need ... we should not allow a justice who doesn’t believe in women’s rights.


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