ICE Thwarts Activists' Attempts To 'Occupy' D.C. Headquarters

"F*** your borders, f*** your walls, we will make your system fall!"

The #Resistance's campaign against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ratcheted up in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, when immigration activists converged on the agency's headquarters and tried to "occupy" the building, declaring that they were willing to get arrested to protest the enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

"F*** your borders, f*** your walls, we will make your system fall!" chanted several dozen activists outside the headquarters, where their plan to invade was thwarted by the preemptive barricading of the entrance and the presence of officers. "From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have gotta go!" they chanted.

The Washington Examiner's Steve Nelson spoke with a few of the activists, most of whom were reluctant to give their names. The organizer, Movimiento Cosecha, had advertised the event as including "undocumented activists and allies," which included her spokeswoman, Alejandra, who refused to give her last name and whose mother and brothers entered the country illegally, the Examiner reports.

Alejandra told the Examiner that they were there in part to protest Trump's "zero tolerance" policy, despite Trump having issued an executive order to put a stop to most of the family separations and the U.S. District Court judge's ruling that all children must be reunited with their families within 30 days. The plan to get into the ICE building through an unguarded entrance failed, she explained. "They were ready for us," she said.

Alejandra noted that while they were there to protest the current administration, the truth is most of the policies they are protesting have been "going for years and years" and President Obama "deported more people" than anybody else.

After moving from the main road to a less trafficked road, the group of activists, said an organizer, would not stop blocking the road until they were "forcibly arrested," which never happened. Eventually, the disappointed group disbanded.

Read the Washington Examiner's full report here.


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