WATCH: Campus Reform Asks Conservative Women About The Biggest ‘Misconceptions’ Liberals Have About Them

On Thursday, Campus Reform uploaded a video in which digital media director Cabot Phillips asks attendees at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit what the most common misconceptions are about conservative women.

Here are some of the most interesting answers:

"That they’re all bigoted; that they’re victims of the patriarchy; that we’re brainwashed."

"That I’m, like, suppressed by white males, or they think that I’m choosing that political belief because of my parents or the men in my life when, in reality, this is my decision."

"That if you’re a conservative, you do not support immigrants, you don’t support the less fortunate."

One of the best answers came from a former "Bernie Bro."

"So, I used to be a big Bernie Bro, and I worked on his campaign for a while, and then I just realized, like, how radical the Left was. They’re so radical, and they don’t really care about facts, they're all about the feelings."

Check out the entire video here:


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