Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Obliterates CNN’s Brian Stelter With Hilarious Tweet

Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld put CNN reporter Brian Stelter in his place on Wednesday after Stelter failed miserably in his attempt to take a shot at Fox News.

Stelter took a shot at Fox News, which chose to cover President Donald Trump's rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday, writing in a tweet: "As expected, the only cable newsers carrying tonight's Trump rally are Fox News and Fox Biz."

Gutfeld's response was priceless: "President speaks on day of a major story development; and the nation's hall monitor prides self on not covering it. (his producers will watch fnc to grab sound)"

Gutfeld was referring to an executive order that Trump signed on Wednesday that would "allow parents who have crossed the U.S. border illegally to remain with their children," Fox News reported.


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