DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Was Run Out Of A D.C. Restaurant. Leftists On Twitter Respond With Glee, Threats Of Violence

Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was dining at Washington, D.C.'s MXDC Cocina Mexicana, an eatery near the White House, Tuesday night, when a group of protesters from the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America stormed the restaurant, confronted Nielsen, and screamed at her while her security detail scrambled to control the chaos.

After about ten minutes of demonstrators screaming "Shame!," Nielsen was ushered out of the restaurant into a waiting SUV. The group posted video of the incident on their Facebook page.

"We will not stand by and let Sec. Nielsen dine in peace, while she is directing her employees to tear little girls away from their mothers and crying boys away from their fathers at our border," a member of the group's steering committee told CNN.

The situation was scary enough without considering that Nielsen could have, very easily, been subject to violence, something that members of the Trump Administration and Republican-aligned politicians, like FCC chairman Ajit Pai, have learned all too well. Elements of the left believe the only real opposition to policies they don't like is physical intimidation.

Perhaps worse, even, than the initial incident was the response: a cacophony of cackles on Twitter and calls for more and greater violence, in some cases from very prominent figures on the left.

Oscar winner Peter Fonda, having already called for Barron Trump to be imprisoned, proposed that Nielsen be met with violent, almost psychotic, misogyny:

A prominent feminist, of course, added her voice to the chorus of cheers, even though, as a feminist, she's technically supposed to oppose such threatening behavior directed at a woman:

She defended herself by saying the protesters were merely holding Nielsen accountable.

Left-leaning media outlet Raw Story called the incident, "sweet, sweet justice."

The un-check-marked were even harsher (and creepier).



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