WATCH: Trump SLAMS Democrats, Says They 'Love Open Borders,' View Illegal Immigrants 'As Potential Voters'

On Tuesday, stung by accusations that his administration has been forcibly separating illegal immigrant children from their parents, President Trump fought back in enthusiastic fashion. Speaking at the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Trump tore into Democrats for their hypocrisy on the illegal immigration issue:

Trump stated:

Democrats love open borders. Let the whole world come in. Let the whole world! MS-13, gang members from all over the place, come on in, we have open borders! And they view that possibly intelligently, except that it’s destroying our country, they view that as potential voters. Some day, they’re going to vote for Democrats. Because they can’t win on their policies, which are horrible, they found that out in the last presidential election!

Trump tweeted out the same message:

So far, Democrats have proposed no solution to the issue of separating parents from children, except to suggest that Trump unilaterally stop enforcing immigration law. The bill proposed by Dianne Feinstein would go so far as to prohibit separating any child, including a U.S. citizen, from being separated from a parent arrested for a federal crime. The bill states that “an agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States.” As Gabriel Malor points out, “Thus, far from addressing the border crisis, the Democrats’ Keep Families Together Act applies almost everywhere in the country to prohibit any DHS, DOJ, or HHS officer from removing almost any child from a parent.”

This isn’t a solution at all. It seems that the Democrats are far more interested in perpetuating a public relations crisis than in solving the problem — and that the solution they truly seek is a full restoration of catch-and-release policies last implemented before the disastrous migrant wave of 2014.


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