Teen Who Lied About Ex-Boyfriend Raping Her Fined Less Than $300

An British teen who falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend drugged and raped her after after a fight has been hit with a fine of £200, or roughly $265.

When 18-year-old Hannah Sandover from Southwick, Wiltshire was rebuffed by her boyfriend of over a year to rekindle their romance, she apparently sought revenge. Sandover falsely claimed her ex, also 18 years old, slipped something into her water bottle and raped her in his truck while she was incapacitated.

Sandover told a friend of the fabricated account, who then went to the police to report the accusations. The fake victim told the police of her ex, "He became forceful and pinned me down, I kept telling him to stop," adding, "I think he had drugged the water I was drinking."

According to the rape hoaxer, there was another friend sitting in the front passenger seat listening to music on headphones at the time of the "rape."

But, according to The Mirror, Sandover's story began to change when the investigation started heating up and the teen was put through an intimate medical examine at a clinic. Sandover admitted she was never drugged. Further, when her own family began questioning the veracity of her claims, the teen admitted the sex was consensual.

On Friday, at Salisbury Magistrates' Court, Sandover copped to a charge of wasting police time and was given a four-month suspended sentence. Sandover is to complete a 15-day rehab requirement, was handed a two-year restraining order against her ex, and fined £200.

"Miss Sandover is extremely lucky that she didn't get charged with perverting the course of justice, only due to her age and the fact she has no previous convictions," said prosecutor Ryan Seneviratine.

"Her ex-boyfriend has said his confidence in approaching girls has been completely ruined," he continued. "He was kept in custody for five-and-a-half hours and underwent intimate tests. ... And all because she wanted to get back at him. She had numerous times to say the allegations were lies, but she didn't. She wanted to rekindle the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but he refused."

Moses Tawo, defending Sandover, claims the teen "was too scared to admit she had been lying."

"The only person she told the story to was her friend, she never meant for it to be taken to the police and couldn't tell me why she had told lies," explained Tawo, adding, "She has faced some health issues, and when the only relationship she had with anyone ended, she panicked, which she now shows remorse for."


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