NO GUILT: Catherine Zeta-Jones: I’m Not Going To Apologize For Being Rich And Hot

Catherine Zeta-Jones, striking beauty, Academy Award-winning actress, and mother of two, is not going to apologize for her success — or her genetics.

The 48-year-old told The Daily Mirror that feeling guilty for her success or good looks is a thing of the past. "One thing I'm not is humble anymore," she declared. "I'm sick of being humble. I really am."

"'So sorry I'm rich. So sorry I'm married to a movie star. So sorry I'm not so bad looking.' No sorrys. Enough. All that is important to me now is my work," continued Zeta-Jones. "That's what I love and the rest of my life is a joy because I've got two beautiful kids and a healthy, happy husband. It's all good, and I'm not going to be humble for that either."

After all, notes the actress, she worked for her success.

"And I worked to get to where I am," explained Zeta-Jones, who grew up in a working-class family. "And for many years all of us are victims of the fact that we've all got so humble. If you were a sports star and won an award you would go, 'S*** Yeah, that was the best work I've ever done! I rocked!' Whereas actors are like, 'Oh, I'm so sorry and thanks. Can I say thanks?'"

The award-winning actress also gushed about the two children she shares with her husband, acclaimed actor Michael Douglas.

"I am so proud," she said of her two sons, both of whom are pursuing acting. "It's not about fame for them. They've been brought up around famous people. They know what that is like. They want the craft because that's what they love. And it gives me such pride that they get it. They understand that this is not a quick fix. They're so good."

"I can't wait for you all to see which way they're going to go, because they're going to go somewhere, I'm telling you," added the proud mama.

Sure, Zeta-Jones might be living a wonderful life, but she could certainly never hack it as a Social Justice Warrior, where shame, self-hatred, and envy of others is the name of the game.


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