WATCH: Howard Kurtz Gets Rob Reiner To Reframe His Comment About Fox News Being ‘Essentially State-Run Media’

In a Sunday-broadcast interview, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz asked Rob Reiner about President Trump, as well as a recent comment made by the director in which he spoke ill of Fox News:

KURTZ: Let’s talk about the press for a moment. You recently lumped in Fox News with Alex Jones and some others in what you call "state-run media."

REINER: I said essentially state-run.

KURTZ: Alright, essentially state-run media that backs up the president. I assume you know that Fox has a thriving news division with Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier, and Shep Smith, and a whole bunch of reporters.

REINER: Right, right.

KURTZ: So I think your label was too broad.

REINER: Well, I do always – and I also tweeted out about Shepard Smith, and by the way, I’ve met Shepard Smith. He’s a great guy, and he is reporting the news. There’s no question about it, he is telling the truth. And so is Chris Wallace. And you know, I haven’t seen as much of Bret Baier, but I believe he probably is, too.

KURTZ: So you disagree with the Fox opinion people.

REINER: I do know there’s a difference between news reporting, and opinion and editorial, and all of that. But what I’m saying is, the editorial part of Fox News, which is, you know, Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, those shows are not just – they’re really in support of Trump, and that is – Fox News has a good rating, it has a very strong rating – so there is a chunk of media that is verbally and overtly in support of Donald Trump. That’s just true.

KURTZ: Well, there was a chunk of media that was overtly in support of Barack Obama, including places like MSNBC.

Here’s the video (pertinent portion begins at the 3:23 mark):

On June 7, Reiner appeared on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe," and said: "This is the first time in American history where we have a President who is supported by essentially state-run media, you know, with Fox and Breitbart and Sinclair and Alex Jones. It's very, very tough because those people are cemented into their information bubble and hard to break through."


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