Maine Joins In On Gender Delusion With New Measure

On the heels of New York City offering a "third" gender option on birth certificates, Maine is now set to offer a nonbinary "X" gender option for driver's licenses.

On Monday, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) announced plans for the nonbinary gender option on driver's licenses and identification cards for residents who do not "identify" as male or female.

"Residents who wish to apply for a nonbinary gender option can fill out a one-page form, and Maine’s BMV will provide a sticker to put on the license that reads 'Gender has been changed to X ― Non-binary,'" reports The Huffington Post.

There will be no fee for the nonbinary stickers, which will be phased out by July 2019.

Before New York City took the plunge into anti-science gender theory, Oregon, California and Washington state all offered the third "X" gender options for birth certificates. And Washington, D.C. preceded Maine in offering the gender change on driver's licenses.

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