Political Scientist: These 'Dirty' Tricks Will Make Sure Democrats Win Presidency Going Forward

Political scientist David Faris says it's time for the Democrats to realize that they're facing their own "Flight 93" situation and must embrace far more radical political moves than they have so far been willing to take in order to ensure that they control the presidency and Congress going forward.

In an interview with Vox's Sean Illing, Faris spelled out his urgently recommended political steps, which he underscored were "not as crazy" as they may initially sound, among them splitting up California into separate states and granting statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C.

"I don’t think the architects of the Constitution understood that population dynamics would create a state like California with 38 million people, and then a bunch of states like the Dakotas and Wyoming and Vermont and Delaware that have very small populations," said Faris. "The end result is that voters in California and New York and Texas are systematically disadvantaged in national policy relative to their counterparts in smaller, rural states. It’s absurd that California and Delaware should have the same number of senators."

To address this "not fair or democratic" situation, he said, it's time to get radical and split up California, which, he insisted, wasn't really so hard to do. "Technically, from a constitutional standpoint, all it would require is an act of the California state legislature, signed by the governor of California, and then accepted by Congress," he said.

So here’s what we need to happen: A referendum on breaking the state up into smaller states passes, and then it’s validated by the state legislature and then the governor, who would obviously need to be a Democrat, signs it, and finally, a Democrat-controlled Congress makes it official.

This is not as crazy an idea as people think. There have been several attempts to do it in California already, and you can make a pretty strong argument that the state is far too large to be ruled from Sacramento.

And if Californians managed to pull it off, we’d likely have another 12 Democratic senators in Washington, or at least more than we have now. More Electoral College votes too.

Faris clearly assumes that all of the seven downsized formerly-California states would be filled with Leftists, despite large sections of the state having strong Republican numbers.

Another "dirty" Republican-thwarting move would be to push for statehood for both D.C. and Puerto Rico. "Both states have held referenda that endorsed statehood," he said. "We should grant people the representation they want and deserve, and it just happens that doing so would almost certainly send four more Democrats into the Senate, and probably an all-Democratic congressional delegation from Puerto Rico too."

In addition, when they get a chance, the Democrats should pack the Supreme Court with additional activist judges, he said, noting that it's "not unprecedented" to have more than nine justices.

Faris urged Democrats to heed his calls for more extreme political action because we've reached a "very dangerous moment" in American history. "There's been a massive erosion of trust in public institutions and in the broader electoral process," he said. "The Trump administration has been disastrously disruptive to the norms of our political culture."

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