Rose McGowan Indicted On Cocaine Charges, But Here's What She Says Is Really Behind It

Actress and prominent #MeToo activist Rose McGowan was indicted for cocaine possession by a grand jury Monday, but the actress maintains that she's been set up by the megaproducer she helped bring down: Harvey Weinstein.

The charges revolve around an incident on January 20, 2017, in which McGowan, 44, allegedly left her purse and two bags on a flight after arriving at the Dulles International Airport. The two bags tested positive for cocaine. The actress learned about the lost wallet and the found narcotics via an Instagram message, the NY Daily News notes.

McGowan, however, says she's being framed, claiming that her wallet went missing while she was at baggage claim and alleging that one of Weinstein's agents obtained it and planted the evidence as a means of stopping her from bringing her allegations against him to light.

News of the warrant for her arrest broke soon after the actress' allegations of rape against Weinstein hit the headlines, McGowan taking to Twitter to portray the charges as an attempt to "silence" her.

"Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia," she tweeted. "What a load of HORSESH*T."

Her lawyer maintains that whoever gained access to her wallet had several hours to plant the evidence before the cleaning crew found the bags.

Weinstein's legal team has responded to McGowan's conspiracy theory by citing the findings of detectives, who "categorically rejected her ludicrous claim." The Daily News reports:

“The detectives who investigated the drug charges against McGowan have categorically rejected her ludicrous claim that Mr. Weinstein planted the drugs in her wallet,” Ben Brafman said. “Falsely accusing Mr. Weinstein of committing a crime is something McGowan has in our opinion done before and people must take note of her indictment and more importantly, her cavalier habit of falsely accusing Mr. Weinstein of criminal conduct he vigorously denies.”

On Monday, the jury apparently sided with the detectives and Weinstein's conclusions about the "ludicrous claim."

WTOP reports that a trial date will be set in Loudoun County, Virginia on Tuesday.


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