Here's The Spicy Language People Close To Trump Use To Describe His Foreign Policy Doctrine

Several people close to President Donald Trump used fiery language to describe the differences between his administration's stance on foreign policy issues versus the stances that the previous administration had on the foreign policy matters.

In interviews with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, Goldberg writes that "the best distillation of the Trump Doctrine" that he heard came from a senior official that said, "The Trump Doctrine is 'We’re America, B*tch.' That’s the Trump Doctrine."

"Obama apologized to everyone for everything," the official told Goldberg. "He felt bad about everything."

The official added that Trump "doesn’t feel like he has to apologize for anything America does."

A second official used nearly identical terminology, describing the Trump doctrine as: "We're America, B*tches."

According to Goldberg, one of Trump's close friends took the rhetoric describing the Trump doctrine to an even higher level, specifically contrasting it with policies of the Obama administration.

"People criticize [Trump] for being opposed to everything Obama did, but we’re justified in canceling out his policies," Trump's friend told Goldberg. "There’s the Obama Doctrine, and the 'F*ck Obama' Doctrine. We’re the 'F*ck Obama' Doctrine."


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