Iranian-Backed Houthis In Yemen: 'We Will Butcher Every Baha'i'

If it weren’t enough that the peaceful community of Baha’is was brutally oppressed and murdered in Iran by the despotic and fundamentalist Islamic regime, now they are in mortal danger in Yemen, where Iranian-backed Houthis are speaking in genocidal terms.

According to National Post, “Confidential documents released to the United Nations have now revealed the Iranian theocracy is not just content with persecuting this minority within its own borders. The Iranian government has put in place a policy ‘to confront and destroy their cultural roots outside the country.’”

In late March, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthis in Yemen, broadcast to Yemenis of the “satanic” Baha’i “movement” “waging a war of doctrine” against Islam. Yemen has a population of roughly 27 million people; only a few thousand Baha’is live there. Al-Houthi continued, “Those who destroy the faith in people are no less evil and dangerous than those who kill people with their bombs.” One high-ranking Houthi strategist tweeted, “we will butcher every Baha’i.” The Mufti of Yemen, Shams al-Din Muhammad Sharaf al-Din, educated in Iran, also spoke in such terms.

National Post adds, “In 2016, dozens of Baha’is, including children, were arrested for participating in an educational gathering. In 2017, several prominent Baha’is were targeted for arrest. In January 2018, Hamed bin Haydara, a Baha’i detained since 2013 for his religious beliefs, was sentenced to public execution. The government also announced the dissolution of all Baha’i administrative bodies in Yemen. The Houthis are also monitoring and seeking to identify Baha’is.”

Reports indicate that Iranian authorities are guiding Houthi efforts to persecute Baha’is. After the 1979 revolution in Iran, hundreds of Baha’is were executed.


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