Colin Kaepernick's Legal Team Says They Plan To Subpoena President Trump, VP Mike Pence

Colin Kaepernick's legal team said Thursday that they plan to subpoena the President and Vice President in their grievance case against the National Football League.

The former 49ers second string quarterback, who left the team after being offered a one year contract and was then shocked when he was not immediately hired by another professional football team anxious for his public relations contributions, is suing the NFL, claiming that team owners conspired to lock him out of a plum QB job because he wouldn't stand for the national anthem.

Fox News reports that Kaepernick's legal team is seeking the power to issue federal subpoenas so that they can compel both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to testify on how the White House exerted pressure on the NFL to end the national anthem protests.

President Trump, of course, has been vocal in his derision of Kaepernick's kneeling demonstrations. Mike Pence walked out of an NFL game last season when other players took a knee during the "Star Spangled Banner."

At least two NFL owners have admitted that Trump's comments forced the NFL and team owners to reconsider their approach to the players' protests, and the NFL suggested that recent changes to its rules regarding player participation in pre-game ceremonies were motivated, in part, by the White House's public comments on the matter.

But if Kaepernick intends to prove that there was some intricate conspiracy to lock him out of the league, masterminded from the Oval Office, it will take more than innuendo and suggestion. In fact, under the rules of the Federal Arbitration Act, his legal team will have to prove that issuing subpoenas to the Commander-in-Chief and the Vice President will have a specific impact on his case, and that their testimony will be relevant to his cause.

That will be a tough sell. In Kaepernick's final season in the NFL, he was largely a bench-warmer, having fallen to second place on his own team. The President might not like Kaepernick, but Donald Trump has little impact on Kaepernick's win percentage or his pass completion record.


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