Woman On NYC Subway Verbally And Physically Attacks Asian Woman: ‘This Ain’t Your Country!’

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube showing a mother yelling and cursing at an Asian woman on the New York City subway.

At the beginning of the video, the mother yells: "F***! ... He didn’t get up for me! He didn’t get up for me ‘cause my daughter black. ‘Cause my daughter black, he didn’t get up for me to sit with my daughter!"

The Asian woman interjects, saying: "Mind your language." The mother shouts back: "What am I saying wrong!"

"Be calm, be calm," the Asian woman states. To which the mother responds: "What’s calm? You playing with my kid! That’s your kid, you’d be okay with it?! ... So f*** you!"

Once again, the Asian woman asks that the mother mind her language. "Mind your a**, and move it!" the mother demands. "B****, I will move you off that seat! Try me!" she adds.

The mother then tells her young daughter to "push" the Asian woman off of the seat. It appears that the girl does as her mother demands, nudging the Asian woman from her right side.

The mother then leaps up, and pushes the Asian woman from the seat onto the ground. "Go ahead, b****! Move! Move your a**!"

After being helped up by another passenger, the Asian women again tells the mother to watch her language. The mother responds: "F*** your language!"

She continues, turning to another passenger: "Tell her what she did wrong! She put my child outta seat!"

From here, things take a decidedly racist turn. "This ain’t your country! Welcome to America! Gangsta. Welcome to Brooklyn, b****!" the mother screams. "Gonna put my child outta seat ‘cause my daughter’s Spanish and she Chinese, you gonna get up for her to sit down!"

The Asian woman then sits down opposite the mother, and says something unintelligible. The mother responds: "You right, I am crazy! B****, I spit at you!"

Near the end of the filmed encounter, the mother seemingly gears up to spit, then challenges the Asian woman to "do something."

[WARNING: The Following Video Contains Strong Language]


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