CNN Analyst Gets Called Out By CNN For Spreading Epic Fake News

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

CNN political analyst April Ryan was called out by her colleagues at the network on Tuesday for spreading false information about President Donald Trump being booed at a White House event celebrating America.

Ryan tweeted: "Breaking: Reporters on the South Lawn have confirmed the @realDonaldTrump was heckled and booed when he came out to celebrate America."

Within just a couple of minutes, the truth came out; one person in the crowd heckled the president as he spoke and the crowd booed the heckler, not the president.

CNN's Noah Gray tweeted at Ryan, writing: "This is not true. There was a protester who shouted at Trump and was booed."

Gray even posted a video of the incident, describing it in a separate tweet: "After the anthem, this man shouted 'stop hiding behind the armed services & the national anthem.' He was booed then called a Cowboys fan."


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