Church of England Seeks Gay, Transgender Priests In New ‘Diversity Drive’

"Supported in exploring vocations to licensed lay and ordained ministries."

The church founded by an adulterous tyrant is increasingly becoming the laughing-stock of Christianity.

Church of England's U.S. counterpart, Episcopalianism, sold its soul to the leftist agenda, and now its mothership church in the U.K. is kicking off a drive to recruit transgender priests in order to help bolster the church's LGBT-friendly image.

According to a new guidance initiative from the CofE Diocese of Lichfield titled "Welcoming and honouring LGBT+ people," priests are forbidden from telling parishioners that their "sexual or gender identity in itself makes them an unsuitable candidate for leadership in the Church."

The guidance says that people should be made to feel that "they, like everyone else, feel encouraged to serve on PCCs, or as churchwardens and worship leaders, for instance, and are supported in exploring vocations to licensed lay and ordained ministries."

The document itself comes following consultation and feedback from people "identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, same-sex attracted, and heterosexual; single and partnered; celibate and married."

While the document itself makes no mention about the sinfulness of any particular act, it does declare that "intrusive questioning about someone’s sexual practices" is "almost always inappropriate," and that it’s "unacceptable" to suggest that "homosexuality or gender difference is a sign of immaturity or a lack of faith."

The document concludes with the bishops admitting the initiative is about countering the "perception that the Church is homophobic and transphobic."

LifeSiteNews reports that the guidance follows the "Church of England’s past decisions endorsing a ban on reparative therapy for people experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction, calling for a new liturgy to celebrate transgender worshippers, and allowing priests and bishops to enter 'celibate' same-sex relationships."

"The Church has also said schools should encourage children to 'try out the many cloaks of identity' by dressing up as the opposite sex, and last October Justin Welby, the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury, said he did not have a 'good answer' to whether homosexual sex acts were sinful," the outlet continued.

Like its U.S. offspring Episcopalianism, the Anglican Church is dying a slow death from liberalism, which began with its embrace of contraception in the 1930s and continued on down to its embrace of female priests in the present day. According to a recent study by the British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS), "Anglicanism is declining faster than any other majority denomination. With the current rate of decline, it would be set to disappear from Britain by 2033."


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