WALSH: Conservatives Never Should Have Embraced Roseanne In The First Place

Many innocuous comments have been falsely described as racist. Roseanne's remark about Valerie Jarrett was not one of them. It is definitely one hundred percent incontrovertibly racist to describe a black woman, born in Iran, as the love child of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. If that is not a racist comment, then it is impossible to make a racist comment.

Roseanne deserved to be fired for what she said. ABC was paying her millions of dollars and had made her into one of the faces of the network. All they asked in return is that she refrain from saying insane and vile things on a public forum. That bar was too high for Roseanne to hurdle, apparently. If she, at the age of 65, cannot operate with even a minimal level of self-restraint and decorum, she does not deserve to be a highly-paid sitcom star. This is pretty simple. There is no defending her, and I don't know why conservatives would even bother.

Yes, Roseanne, amid her various inane ramblings, did mention last year that she likes Trump. But that did not and does not make her a friend of, or spokeswoman for, conservatism. Neither does it make her a champion of the middle class. She is a wealthy left-wing comedian who has spent her entire career spewing leftist propaganda and using her show to mainstream and normalize radical progressivism.

The first iteration of "Roseanne" was arguably the most progressive sitcom in television history. It was ahead of its time when it promoted abortion, gay marriage, and other liberal sacraments. The new version continued in that vein, featuring in the very first episode a cross-dressing boy. It did not represent "normal working class families." It represented what Hollywood wanted a normal working class family to be. It was an attack on regular families, not a defense of them. And the most insidious kind of attack, because it was just smart enough to pretend it was not attacking.

In between the original "Roseanne" and the short-lived update, Roseanne, the person, was a left-wing political activist who ran for president as a socialist. She made a habit of saying gross and defamatory things, like the time she wished cancer on Christian conservatives who ate at Chick-Fil-A. That level of disrespect for her fellow countrymen is no surprise coming from the woman who made a mockery of the National Anthem, intentionally mangling it in front of an audience of thousands, and then grabbed her crotch, spat on the ground, and walked away.

Of course, she now claims that she was trying to be respectful with her abominable National Anthem performance. She claims her tweet about Chick-Fil-A was simply supposed to raise awareness of the health hazards of fast food. She claims her Valerie Jarrett tweet was the fault of her Ambien prescription. In other words, she takes ownership of nothing; she takes responsibility for nothing, and she is not sorry about any of it. Yet a certain rather large segment of the conservative population was willing to overlook all of this — defend it, even — because she likes Trump. Trump is the only litmus test. All that matters is Trump.

I disagree with that attitude. Frankly, I find it rather insane. Trump is just a politician. He will be in office for a while and then he will be gone. As conservatives, we should be focused on fighting for the culture, not for the honor and good name of Donald Trump. We do not help our cultural case by desperately latching onto any cut-rate celebrity who happens to whisper a word of support for the Republican president. We do not "win" when we embarrass ourselves by elevating unstable, left-wing eccentrics like Roseanne. She hates who we are and what we believe, and she thinks we deserve to get cancer. I think we ought to take her at her word and leave her to deal with the consequences of her own actions.

Roseanne has been an advocate for the left all this time. Let them have her.


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