Parkland Activist David Hogg Is Now Targeting Publix

Though his boycott effort against Laura Ingraham sort of fizzled out — if anything, she's more popular than ever — Parkland activist David Hogg isn't letting up on his pro-gun control pressure tactics. His new target: Floridians' favorite grocery store chain.

Hogg's new campaign against Publix was prompted by a Tampa Bay Times report revealing that the Florida-based grocery store chain gave a total of $670,000 over the last three years to Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam.

Putnam, notes Hogg, is an "A rated NRA politician," so now Publix must pay, literally, or face the wrath of Hogg's activism. In other words, as the Washington Times puts it, "David Hogg is trying to shake down Publix."

"I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman [sic] to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again," Hogg tweeted Thursday.

Perhaps this effort will go better than the Ingraham campaign, but with Publix's solid standing in Florida, don't bet on it.

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