Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Suggests Kim Jong Un Isn’t Happy That He ‘Has To Murder His People’

On Tuesday morning, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth made a rather head-turning remark about normalizing relations with North Korea.

When "Fox & Friends" co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Hegseth why he believes Kim Jong Un agreed to the upcoming meeting with President Trump, Hegseth replied:

I think he wants a picture with the American president. The sanctions are having a massive effect there. There's no doubt. The Chinese have put the screws to [them] on that. [The] Chinese are still playing a double game – absolutely.

And then I think there's probably a point at which the guy who wants to meet with Dennis Rodman, and loves NBA basketball, and loves Western pop culture probably doesn't love being the guy that has to murder his people all day long. Probably wants some normalization, and let's give it to him if we can make the world safer.

Here’s the video (pertinent portion begins at the 2:50 mark):


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