How Much Do Americans Credit Trump For The Economy? Trends Are Looking Good For Republicans.

A new CBS/YouGov poll presents some heartening news to Donald Trump and his Republican allies and some sobering numbers for the Democrats hoping for a "blue wave" in November: A lot of Americans feel quite good about the economy, and a strong majority of them give Trump the credit.

"Nearly 2 in 3 Americans think the nation's economy is in good shape, and most of them believe President Trump's policies are at least somewhat responsible for that," CBS reports. While "more Republicans rate the economy positively than do Democrats," as expected, the overall numbers are trending in a very positive direction for Trump.

Over two-thirds (68%) of Americans think that Trump's policies have either "a great deal" (35%) or "somewhat" (33%) to do with the positive direction of the economy. Less than a third (31%) think his policies are "not very" or "not at all" influencing the improved economy.

Meanwhile, the percentage who say they now strongly support Trump is up 4 points to 22% from January, though he still hasn't reached majority support in the CBS poll.

Asked if Trump is looking out for the interests of the middle class or the interests of the wealthy and big business, many Americans say both. While 88% say he is looking out for the interests of the wealthy, 49% say he is looking out for the middle class. CBS notes that "there are big divides on this, as there have been throughout his Presidency: his core supporters are the most steadfast in saying that he is looking out for their interests, as well as those of the working and middle class overall."

As for his commitment to keeping his campaign promises: 49% say he is either keeping most of them (23%) or getting around to them (26%). Just under a third (29%) say he is keeping some but breaking others.

Other promising news in the poll for Trump is his growing political capital among Republicans, 75% of whom say they'd prefer a candidate supported by Trump. However, he doesn't hold the same sway with Independents, more of whom see his support as a negative.

The increasingly positive view of Trump among Republicans is a growing problem for Democrats, who remain deeply divided about how progressive or moderate they want their candidates to be.

Trump got mixed reviews on the issue of foreign policy; a slim majority now agree with his handling of China, though a majority aren't confident in his handling of North Korea.

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