David Hogg: We Shouldn't Give ‘Notoriety’ To Mass Shooters By Sharing Their Names And Faces

On Sunday, Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun activist David Hogg tweeted an idea that is neither progressive nor conservative, but simply good:

I don’t know the shooters name and don’t want to. If you agree, anytime you see a post with their name or face from news organizations post #NoNotoriety with one of the victim's names. We make these sick people known worldwide for their horrifying acts, let’s stop that.

As of February, The Daily Wire no longer shares the names or photos of mass shooters (barring circumstances in which the suspect is at large, and may need to be identified by the public). As Hogg stated, these are sick people who are likely emboldened by the publicity and notoriety received by other sick people.

It’s difficult to find common ground with individuals like David Hogg. It’s even more difficult to commend someone who has on multiple occasions behaved in a manner many believe to be both intellectually dishonest and crude. However, what Hogg expressed in his tweet is indeed a good thing.

So, good on you, David Hogg.


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