Gallup: This Good Polling News Could Be Bad News For Democrats

Satisfaction with direction of the country hits 13-year-high.

In its summary of its latest survey, Gallup underscores that what's good news about public perception on the direction of the country could be bad news for the Democrats. "If satisfaction remains where it is or increases, as opposed to falling back as it did after the increase in February this year, it could aid the Republican Party in the 2018 midterm elections," Gallup reports.

Gallup found that satisfaction with the direction of the country has reached its highest mark in almost 13 years. Not since way back in 2005 have Americans felt better about how things are going.

Since April, the percentage of people who say they're "satisfied" with the way things are going in the U.S. has improved by 8 points: 37% now say they are satisfied, up from 29% a month ago. That level has only been matched briefly right before the election in 2016. Gallup hasn't recorded a higher number since late September 2005, when 39% were satisfied with the direction of the country.

A large percentage of the positive movement on the opinion of the direction of the country came from Independents, 35% of whom are now "satisfied" (up from 26% in April), and Republicans, up to 63% from 57%. Only 1% more Democrats are now satisfied, up to 14% from 13%.

Gallup notes that two factors might have particularly impacted the improved results since April: North Korea's announcement that it would engage in diplomatic talks and end nuclear weapons testing and a strong April jobs report showing unemployment at 3.9%, it's lowest in 18 years.

Gallup points out that the 37% matches the overall average for the poll dating all the way back to 1979, but is greater than 7% above the average since 2005.

The good news from Gallup follows a series of encouraging reports from Rasmussen that continues to find Trump tracking about even or a little above Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency. A CBS poll also recently presented some tweetable news for Trump about the Russia probe, which a majority of the public now views as politically motivated.


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