Gang Rape Victim Murdered in Honor Killing

A victim of gang rape was murdered by her family in an honor killing because they felt that she was "unclean."

The victim is known as Rokstan M., 20, found in a shallow grave in Dessau, Germany with multiple stab wounds. She was raped by three men in Syria two years ago. Rokstan had fled to Germany and was working as a translator for refugees. But it was clear that she was afraid for her life, based on a message from her WhatsApp account that came right before she was murdered.

"I am awaiting death," Rokstan wrote. "But I am too young to die."

In a tape discovered by her employer, Mark Krüger, Rokstan explained that her family wanted her murdered after she was raped.

"Ever since that time my family have regarded me as unclean," Rokstan said. "My mother and my brothers mistreat me. They say that I deserve to die."

The United Nations estimates that 5,000 honor killings occur every year.

The police believe that Rokstan's father and two brothers committed the evil act, although Krüger claimed that Rokstan's mother, Roda, was the one who ordered them to murder Rokstan, and that at one point she had even hired a hit man to take out Rokstan. Krüger said Rokstan heard it from a friend, although Roda denies responsibility. Rokstan's father is believed to have fled to either Turkey or Syria.

An honor killing is where Islamic fundamentalists believe that a member of their family has dishonored them, and that the only way to restore the honor to the family is to murder the family member. Other gruesome examples of honor killings include a man setting his wife on fire in front his young children because he thought she was unfaithful, a man killing his four-year-old daughter for forgetting to cover her head while eating and a family stoning a pregnant 25-year-old pregnant woman for marrying a man without their consent.

The United Nations estimates that 5,000 honor killings occur every year. Over 1,000 Pakistani women are murdered in honor killings yearly; in the United Kingdom there have been 11,744 honor crimes (including abductions, beatings and murders) in the past five years.

The reason for these honor killings is rooted in Islamic lore. Reliance of the Traveller is a manual of Sharia law written by Taha Jabir al-`Alwani, who is greatly admired in Islamic circles. Here is what Reliance says regarding honor killings, according to Andy McCarthy: (emphasis mine)

  • While retaliation is generally obligatory for the killing of a Muslim, there is to be no retaliation against “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (Reliance o1.1 & o1.2.) This provision, among others, provides sharia justification for honor killing.
  • Female “circumcision” is obligatory (although only recommended or considered “a mere courtesy to the husband” in some Islamic legal schools); it consists of “removing the prepuce of the clitoris.” (Reliance e4.3.)
  • “It is recommended for a guardian to offer his marriageable female charges in marriage to righteous men.” For purposes of marriage, a woman must have a male guardian. A father or grandfather may compel his virgin daughter or granddaughter to marry a suitable match without her consent. A man may offer his prepubescent daughter in marriage provided that the marriage payment is sufficient. (Reliance m2.1, m3.4, 3.7, 3.13, m8.2.) “It is obligatory for a woman to let her husband have sex with her immediately when (a) he asks her (b) at home (c) and she can physically endure it.” (Reliance m5.1.)
  • A Muslim woman may only marry a Muslim man; a Muslim man may marry up to four women, who may be Muslim, Christian, or Jewish (but no apostates from Islam). (Reliance m6.0 & ff. — Marriage.)
  • A woman is required to be obedient to her husband and is prohibited from leaving the marital home without permission; if permitted to go out, she must conceal her figure or alter it “to a form unlikely to draw looks from men or attract them.” (Reliance p42.0 & ff.)
  • If a wife is disobedient or “rebellious,” her husband may hit her (though not “in a way that injures her”) as long as he has first tried to “correct matters” by “admonition and advice” and by refusing to sleep with her. (Reliance m10.12.)

As McCarthy writes, "We can listen to CAIR and ignore this travesty; or we can take pride in the brave people trying to put a stop to it."


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