Ex-Clinton Adviser: 'No Blue Wave Coming,' Only 'Red Wave' Of Democrat Party's Blood

On Sunday, a former adviser for President Bill Clinton joined New York AM 970 radio’s "The Cats Roundtable" to discuss the upcoming 2018 midterms where he warned that the Democrats' "blue wave" is not coming.

Political commentator Dick Morris told host John Catsimatidis that the Democrats have overplayed their hand by going after President Donald Trump with scandals that have little-to-nothing behind them.

"I think that [Democrats] see fool’s gold in these scandals," Morris said. "They’re putting everything behind the Stormy Daniels scandal and Michael Cohen … and the country doesn’t give a damn."

That's when Morris dropped his prediction.

"There is no blue wave coming," Morris exclaimed. "There is a red wave. And what makes it red is the blood of the Democratic Party."

So is Morris right? Some early indicators suggest he may be on to something, at least in his prediction that no "blue wave" is coming.

A recent poll from left-leaning Reuters showed that millennials are leaving the Democratic Party in droves while another poll from the left-leaning Morning Consult showed that Democrats are in serious trouble in 2018 and could lose up to nine seats to Republicans.

Even CNN recently wrote that the Democrat's assumption that they will win back the House is by no means a lock and that Republicans have a good shot at keeping the majority even though they may lose some seats.

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