FAKE NEWS: Republican Candidate For CA Governor Attacks GOP Opponent With Unproven ‘Soros’ Smear

With the California primary election less than a month away, a GOP candidate vying to become the state’s next governor has claimed an opponent, who is a fellow Republican, “aligned with George Soros” — the billionaire philanthropist known for funding progressive movements designed to transform the United States fundamentally.

Travis Allen, an Assemblyman from Orange County, has made "Soros" allegations against San Diego County businessman John H. Cox on various platforms, including a radio advertisement currently permeating the airwaves.

Neither candidate won the party’s official endorsement at the state GOP convention last weekend, where posters paid for by Allen’s campaign likened his Republican rival to Soros. Both Cox, who captured 55% of the delegate votes, and Allen, who had 40.5% support, fell short of the 60% required to secure the nomination.

“It’s the same kind of fake news tactics that Hillary Clinton used against Donald Trump,” Cox’s campaign manager Tim Rosales told The Daily Wire. “(Allen’s) campaign is failing; he’s like a drowning man in the middle of an ocean right now. That makes him dangerous, and he’ll pull down anybody he can in order to try to save himself, but I think it’s too late.”

Allen’s campaign referred The Daily Wire to a blog post published by the California Political Review as the foundation for its Soros accusations. The unsubstantiated headline, which can also be seen on Allen’s official website, reads: “In 2016 John Cox and George Soros Teamed Up.” The article attempts to connect Cox to Soros through a $5,000 contribution to a political action committee called MAYDAY.US.

As reported by the California Political Review:

Mayday’s solution to money in politics is just changing where the money comes from. Instead of private donors, Mayday would like taxpayers to fund political campaigns. As it turns out, public financing of political campaigns also happens to be a priority for the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (sic).

This could be chalked up to coincidence, until you look at Lawrence Lessig, the creator of the Mayday PAC. Lessig is a Harvard professor with a long history of liberal political activism. He is also (sic) happens to be affiliated with multiple George Soros backed organizations. For example, he is on the board of MapLight and on the advisory board for the Sunlight Foundation, both George Soros affiliated organizations.

So why did John Cox give money to a leftist George Soros crony? Was he duped or is the eccentric millionaire more sinister than he appears.

The article, written under the byline of Geoffrey Cantor, provides no evidence that Cox “teamed up with George Soros” in 2016, as asserted in the headline, or that Mr. Cox is/was “aligned with George Soros,” as alleged by the Allen campaign. In fact, Lawrence Lessig — the cited Soros link — left Mayday in the summer of 2015.

An Allen spokesman ended an email exchange with The Daily Wire when pressed to provide additional documentation to support the campaign’s claim that his GOP opponent “aligned with George Soros.”

The $5,000 donation in question was made by a campaign finance reform group Cox chaired in 2016 which had partnered with Mayday to advance a proposed statewide initiative. Even with the support of Mayday, which Allen’s radio spot describes as “a Soros ultra-liberal PAC,” the effort failed to garner enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

California Republicans risk being shut out of the gubernatorial runoff if they do not unite behind a single candidate before the direct primary election on June 5. Under state regulations, the top two primary finishers — regardless of party — advance to the general election in November. Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa have been considered the frontrunners, however the Los Angeles Times reports that two recent polls had Cox in second place, slightly ahead of Villaraigosa.

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