Associated Press Hides Party Affiliation From Report On Anti-Semites In D.C. Government

On Wednesday, the Associated Press published a report on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that are roiling the government in Washington, D.C. and failed to report the fact that all of the lawmakers that were identified as being anti-Semitic were Democrats.

The Washington Examiner reports:

It mentioned City Councilman Trayon White, who posted a video on social media claiming that Jews control the weather; Mayor Muriel Bowser, who was present for a meeting with lawmakers including White, wherein he claimed the "Rothschilds" controlled the World Bank; D.C. Public Housing Authority board member Josh Lopez, who organized a rally to support White; and Councilman Jack Evans, who is quoted in the story as also offering words of support for White.

All four officials are reportedly registered members of the Democratic Party, which the left-leaning Associated Press chose not to report.

The Examiner notes that the Associated Press' decision to not disclose the party affiliation of the four officials is significant because there has been an attempt by the mainstream media to suggest that "there is a correlation between a supposed rise in anti-Semitism across the country under President Trump, a Republican."

The Examiner notes that the Associated Press went back and noted that Trayon White is a Democrat but did not add the party affiliation of the other three officials.


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