And The Most Popular Politician In America Is...

The votes are in, and the most popular member of the Trump Administration — as well as the most popular politician currently serving — is none other than United Nations Ambassador (and all around badass) Nikki Haley.

Love for Ambassador Haley is not just overwhelming, it's bipartisan. According to a Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday, a full 63% of Americans approve of the job Haley is doing in her position at the United Nations. Among Republicans, Haley has a 75% approval rating. Among independents, it hovers at 63%. And among Democrats, 55% say they like the Trump-appointed top diplomat.

In fact, most Democrats polled like Haley just as much, if not better, than members of their own party leadership. Haley has nearly the same approval rating among self-described liberals as Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

She's so popular, the only politicians who dwarf her — former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush — aren't in office. Only about 17% of Americans actively disapprove of Haley's job performance.

Haley scores major points for being a strong voice in the United Nations and standing up to U.N. members who have given other administrations trouble. She's been steadfast in her support for Israel, and strong in condemning North Korea and Syria — far stronger than any other member of the United Nations.

And she's even been strong with the current administration, helping to craft policies that temper the Trump Administration's hard line, but without stripping those same policies of their effectiveness on a global scale.


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