WATCH: Entitled Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Berates Police Officers, Tells Them To 'Shut The F*** Up'

A video of major Hillary Clinton fundraiser Caren Turner berating New Jersey police officers and seemingly attempting to use her position as Port Authority commissioner to intimidate them into giving her what she wants has hit the media, and boy is it ugly. Turner abruptly resigned from her position as commissioner last week.

On March 31, two officers pulled over a young man for violations that included driving an unregistered vehicle. Turner's daughter was a passenger in the car at the time of the ticketing. The dash-cam video captures entitled Turner throwing a temper-tantrum after she does not get her way, which would have seemingly entailed letting the driver off the hook. The Washington lobbyist gets hostile and demanding with the officers, continuously reminding them of her position of authority, and eventually spirals into cursing them out.

The 60-year-old first approaches the cops by dropping names, showing off her credentials, and boasting of her position as commissioner of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. She demands to know details of the ticketing and violations but is refused by the officers, who calmly tell her to ask the owner of the vehicle.

Rejected and angry, things devolve quickly from there.

"No, don't call me 'miss,' I'm 'commissioner,' thank you!" Turner scolds the officers, adding, "I'm the commissioner of the Port Authority, and I'm heading up over 4,000 police officers. ... I'm also an attorney!"

"You're an ass," she yells later in the video. "Look at that smug-ass look on your face."

After getting more and more agitated by the officers' calm demeanor and refusal to cave to her demands, she drops the f-bomb: "You may not tell me when to take my kid, you may shut the f*** up!"

"I got all your information, sweetheart," she says threateningly. "I got your name."

According to CNBC, the police chief contacted the Port Authority about the incident between Turner and the officers. "The PA's inspector general opened an inquiry into Turner's conduct, which lead her to resign last Friday."

"The video speaks for itself. The conduct was indefensible," responded the Port Authority via a statement.

"The Board takes its recently adopted Code of Ethics for Commissioners extremely seriously and was preparing to form a special committee to review the findings of the Inspector General investigation and take action at this Thursday's Board meeting," the statement added. "Commissioner Turner's resignation was appropriate given her outrageous conduct."


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