Italian Embassy To British Hospital: Remove The Ventilator From Alfie Evans And We Will Accuse You Of Murder

On Monday, before Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Great Britain removed the ventilator from two-year-old Alfie Evans at 9:17 p.m., the Italian Embassy in London issued a warning to the hospital, seeing as Italy had granted the child citizenship on Monday so that he would be allowed to leave the U.K. and seek treatment. Tom Evans, the toddler’s father, wrote on Facebook: “Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship. Alfie belongs to Italy.”

The embassy tried its best:

As The Daily Wire reported on Monday, “Alder Hey Children's Hospital claims it's not in the boy's ‘best interests to stay on a ventilator and maintains that further treatment is futile.’ The boy's parents, alternatively, wish to continue to fight for their baby's life.”

The Christian Legal Centre, which represents Alfie's parents, stated: "The Italian ambassador has urgently contacted the court with a request for the Italian government to be allowed to intervene in the case and seek the return of their citizen Alfie Evans to Italy."

Midday on Monday, Pope Francis tweeted:

All of the pleading was to no avail; the ventilator was removed.

Alfie’s father Tom tweeted after the removal of the ventilator, "He's been sustaining his own life since 17 minutes past nine. We just need him oxygenated and they are denying us to do that. So, if anyone has any ideas or if anyone can help, feel free. Alfie is still here fighting."

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