Russian Lawyer: I'm Proof That Mueller Isn't Trying 'To Discover The Truth'

It's been a year since he was empowered to investigate anything he deemed related to the Russia matter, yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller still hasn't bothered to speak with the person at the center of the most widely-reported event that had even a hint of that elusive "collusion" that Donald Trump's critics have been trying to pin on him since he traumatically canceled Hillary Clinton's coronation. The failure to contact her, says Natalia Veselnitskaya, is evidence that Mueller "is not working to discover the truth."

In an interview with the Associated Press, Veselnitskaya, a "well-connected" Russian lawyer who famously met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort in June 2016 after promises of dirt on Hillary Clinton, said Mueller has yet to contact her about the widely-reported meeting in which she discussed rolling back Russian sanctions.

"At the time of her 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, she was defending Prevezon against charges it had engaged in money laundering from a $230 million Russian tax fraud scheme," AP explains. Team Trump has dismissed allegations that the meeting constituted "collusion" with Russia.

While the Senate Intelligence Committee spoke with Veselnitskaya in Berlin for three hours about the meeting, Mueller's team seems conspicuously uninterested in what she has to say.

AP's report reveals some reasons that Mueller might not be anxious to talk with her: She made clear in her testimony to the Senate committee that she was not working for the Russian government and that she believes the notorious unverified and salacious Steele dossier on Trump is "absolute nonsense":

The investigators mainly wanted to know about Trump Tower meeting, she said. Veselnitskaya said she repeated her previous statements about it, insisting that she was not linked to the Russian government and merely wanted to discuss sanctions against Russia.

Veselnitskaya’s said the Berlin interview also focused on information in memos compiled by a former British spy whose work was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign. The dossier contains numerous allegations of Russian ties to Trump, his associates and the Trump campaign.

Veselnitskaya dismissed the dossier as "absolute nonsense." She insisted that Glenn Simpson, whose firm Fusion GPS was hired to compile the dossier and who was questioned by the House Intelligence Committee in January, had been "framed."

AP also reports that the one investigation that has actually reached a conclusion about the Trump-Russia collusion allegation has "found no evidence of collusion or coordination with Russians."

Though Mueller doesn't appear to be planning on dialing her up anytime soon, Veselnitskaya suggested she's more than willing "to explain things that may seem odd" or about which the feds "have suspicions."

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